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Longrich Baohetang Cordyceps Militaris Capsules

Longrich Baohetang Cordyceps Militaris Capsules

  • Longrich baohetang Chinese caterpillar has been jointly developed by Tsinghua University-Longrich Biological Technology Institute, Longrich (USA) Health and Cosmetics Research Institute;
  • Product Quality Assurance, it contains a high of 1.1% cordycepin which is 300% far better that those common cordyceps sinensis;
  • Advanced enrichment process, the product cultured in sterile environment . With anti-aging and tumor inhibition, improves blood circulation and enhance immunity.


  • Used for treating a wide range of bacterial infections such as tuberculosis and staphylococcus
  • Increases oxygen supply to the brain thereby helping you to remain vibrant and energetic.
  • Improves mental ability
  • Destroys free radicals
  • Strengthens heart lungs and kidneys
  • Effective in treatment of cancerous tumors
  • Strengthens spleen, sinews and joints
  • Nourishes blood, brightens eye and prevents ageing
  • Strengthens body immune system.
  • Relieves coughs and dry colds and alleviates aches caused by cold
  • Provides essential support for healthy functioning of the brain and helps to calm the mind; It improves memory and supports brain health
  • Nourishes lungs and provides energy.
  • Strengthens ability to handle stress
  • Powerful natural antibiotic
  • Lowers blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Used for treatment of impotence in men
  • Used to reduce blood cholesterol, triglycerides and artery atherosclerosis
  • Used to improve renal functions and can reduce the effect of toxic substances on the kidneys



One capsule in the morning and one in the evening; Morning with warm water before meal; Evening with warm water after meal


Suitable for: People with low immunity.


Not suitable for: Children, pregnant women and breastfeeding women.

Dosage & Directions for Use: Take 2 capsules orally, once a day.

Specification: 0.5gx 60 capsules

Shelf Life: 24 months


Note: For best results to be used as part of a healthy lifestyle. For other health and nutritional support call +233 (55) 355 6279 and speak to our Naturopath at LifeWellness Wholistic and Ayurveda Center.

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