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Virgin Coconut Oil (GFA  Golden Fruit))

Virgin Coconut Oil (GFA Golden Fruit))

GFA  Golden Fruit Virgin Coconut Oil is a proudly Ghanaian cold pressed brand that is FDA certified and a great addition to your nutritional regime. Amongst others the benefits of using this product are the following:


  • May boost heart health.
  • May encourage fat burning.
  • May have antimicrobial effects. 
  • May reduce hunger
  • May reduce seizures
  • May raise HDL (good) cholesterol
  • May protect your skin, hair, and teeth


Remember, the key to getting long-lasting benefits from any food is to eat a balanced diet.



  • Remember, the key to getting long-lasting benefits from any food, health products, and services is to eat a balanced diet, have quality sleep, exercise, get good air and sunshine, hydrate appropriately, and manage stress.


Note: All OneWithNature (OWN) products, are to be used as part of a healthy lifestyle. For other health and nutritional support call +233(55) 355 6279 to speak to our Naturopath at LifeWellness Wholistic and Ayurveda Center.

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